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TDWI IoT Readiness Assessment

Is your organization ready for IoT and IoT analytics?

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The Internet of Things (IoT)—a network of connected devices that collect and interpret data over the Internet—is a hot and growing trend. These devices—which include sensors, RFID tags, and more—are in your home in smart appliances; you’re wearing them for health and wellness. They are on factory floors, in office buildings, on farms, and much more. IoT is being used by organizations to change their business model, improve operations, and improve the customer experience. Some view it as a competitive necessity.

TDWI IoT Readiness Guide Cover image

The TDWI IoT Readiness Guide: Interpreting Your Assessment Score is designed to help you understand IoT and IoT analytics and the key success factors for getting started with it. Read the guide to determine how to interpret your scores and gain best practices for moving forward!


Note: In addition to your TDWI login, the assessment requires a short registration process (first name, last name, email) on the survey site if you have not taken one of our other assessments in the past. This simple registration enables you to complete your survey at another time and also provides access to assessment analytics to reveal how your results compare to those of your peers.

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